May 15,2011

This is the week leading up to the first big one of the year!  The weather person isn’t promising a good one yet, but hopefully, like usual their mind will be changed for them by Mother Nature for the Victoria Day Weekend.  We are in full gear  trying to make sure that even with the weather against us we are ready for  the weekend.  According to the person in charge of scheduling(hint, suck up to Sally!! might work but she still has to get it by me! haha!) if the boat hasn’t been scheduled yet, probably not even a chance you will see it before May 27th. Sorry, but there is so many that have already been booked and with the weather forecast etc.  there can’t be anymore added to the list.  This was the shot looking out at approximately 7:30 tonight, so yes!, the view from here was something to look forward to for all!!  We hope everyone has a great week and can’t wait for all the faces to show up and feed the little critters, stop by for a big Hello and get out and enjoy the area again for another season!  

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