Survivors Abreast Fundraising

This little cookbook will make a great Mother’s Day gift…and you’ll be helping Survivors Abreast represent Peterborough and surrounding area at the 2018 International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival in Florence, Italy. Stop in at Little Gull Marina to pick up your copy!

Recycle your wine corks at Little Gull Marina! This is a great fundraiser by Survivors Abreast to help our dragon boat team with expenses to travel to Florence, Italy in July 2018. We will be proud to represent Peterborough amongst about 120 teams of breast cancer paddlers from around the world! Did you know that there are 188 teams from 20 countries who are breast cancer paddlers living a full and active life?


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April 20,2017

Well, the ice is finally completely gone as of early in the week.  The water level is slowly starting to come back up to spring levels and will probably get there in the next week or so.  This is early as ice normally goes out today most years.  We are in the process of getting the boats starting to be launched although all the rain this week certainly slows the process. There is some docks floating around and logs etc. as well so be careful when you are out for your first boat rides.  Remember for those anxious to fish that our lakes are closed to all fishing until the third Saturday in May as we are designated as a fish sanctuary. Gord is busy filling in the request sheets for boat launching so make sure you get ahold of him with at least two weeks notice so you have your boat for the weekend you hope to. Cold, rainy and windy today and tomorrow but it looks like it is going to warm up a bit for the weekend.  Have a great end to the week!

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April 12, 2017

Despite the snowy weather on Friday, the ice is definitely trying to leave. The weather has been nothing special up here, just a lot of wind and rain.  This is helping to get the ice out, but there is still a fair bit out there.  We still have ice in about half of our bay, and it looks like there are some below freezing nights to come. It is still early for the ice to go out, with normal time being around the 20th of the month.  Launching boats will start next week hopefully, after the yard has a chance to dry up – its not easy lifting and moving boats when the machines just keep sinking into the soft ground.
The Easter Bunny’s arrival is on the horizon with just one day left before the long weekend! We hope everyone gets to enjoy whatever treats the Bunny may leave behind.  Happy Easter!

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