July 14, 2014

Highlight of the DayEvery weekday, Sue arrives around 10:30 and every day at 10:30 before the truck is even in park, Arcade is waiting patiently in the driveway for his daily treat with Stormy and Lunker not far behind him!

Despite a good soaking Sunday morning it was a pretty fantastic weekend!
The past 2 weeks have shown us a pretty good start to summer so far.  Swimming lessons looked (and sounded) quite busy each morning and the girls in the store looked forward to the end of each lesson to see how many candies they could hand out.
We welcomed Heather back from her South African shark adventures and she has lots of neat stories and pictures to share.  What an amazing experience!
Our summer staff is back in full swing and we have welcomed 2 new faces to the crew this year.  Keri, who many of you may have already met, has joined Alex, Claire and Anne on the gas docks for the summer, and Kris has been hard at work in the yard each week keeping things looking good around here.
Heather and Shawna have gotten the summer colouring contest up and running for the second summer now so don’t forget to bring the kids by to get their rainy day entertainment!  We’ve decided to add a bit of a twist to it.  The girls have picked a local children’s charity called Five Counties Children’s Centre and what they are hoping is that kids who want to enter the colouring contest will make a donation, even something as simple as leftover candy money.  At the end of the summer, all of the donations will go to Five Counties in Peterborough from the kids up here.

Upcoming events:
Session 2 of Swimming Lessons – July 15-25 (not too late to register for all or part of the session)
Session 3 of Swimming Lessons – July 29-Aug 8
Fireworks – Saturday, August 2nd on Mississagua Lake
Beaver Lake Regatta – Saturday, August 2nd
Hovercraft Demo – Saturday, August 23rd, Little Gull Marina


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June 27, 2014

Boat Delivery supervisors

Boat Delivery supervisors

Summer has arrived….almost!  In just a couple short hours, the kids will be out of school and ready to stir up some trou…fun for the next 2 months!  And we all know that the true start to summer isn’t June 21st but rather the day the kids get out of school.  The arrival of summer means lots of things will be happening to keep on the lookout for.

To start off the summer Lori Harper will be here on Saturday from 9:30-10:30am.  Feel free to stop by and chat about swimming lessons or register in person.  You can also contact her via email or phone regarding swimming lessons or getting your boating licence this summer.  Lessons can be tailored for adults and kids of all ages and levels and its a great way to meet other kids on the lakes.

Bass season opens tomorrow and this is just another reminder that we no longer sell fishing and hunting licenses here but you can get them online.

This summer will also see One Big Day at the Community Center on July 19th, a number of regattas around the lakes (dates TBA), Catchacoma Marina’s fishing derby, and many other exciting events.

Our crew here is working hard to keep those boats hitting the water and the gentlemen in today’s picture are over-seeing the delivery crew to make sure your boats arrive on your dock in tip-top shape.

Finally, the official arrival of summer also means that we are now open from 8am-8pm every day.  We will be here to assist you with any of your cottaging needs, or simply to provide that much needed ice cream treat on the hot summer days that we hope keep on comin.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone out enjoying this fantastic weather!


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June 20, 2014

Time flies!  It looks like we missed a couple of weeks here…

The pollen over the past 2 weeks has been quite thick. Earlier in the week you could follow the currents in the water easily with the skim of pollen that sat thick on the lakes. The left picture shows the current coming in the bay here.  Thankfully, the rain this week has started to wash some of it from the air and after a few soggy days we have had two days of gorgeous weather that looks like it will continue in to the weekend.

Some summer updates:
Lori Harper is running Swimming Lessons out on the point again this summer. She works with kids and adults of all ages and does private as well as group lessons.  As long as there is enough interest, she will run Bronze Star, Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion programs as well.  For more information on dates and registration, click here.   Lori will be here on Saturday, June 28th for in-person registration.  She will also be offering boat licencing again this summer.

Zoe and Rachel have let us know that they will not be running a day camp at the community center this year.

For all you fisher folks out there, Bass season opens a week from tomorrow (the regulations have been changed from the 3rd Saturday in June to the 4th Saturday in June).  Just a reminder that we no longer sell fishing licences here, but this link will help you fill out an online application.

We are still on an 8am-5pm schedule until Friday, June 27th when we switch to our 12 hour daily summer schedule.

Looking forward to what looks like a beautiful weekend ahead!

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