Nov 11, 2019

A picture perfect morning we had a couple of weeks ago before all of the boats were out and the flurries started to fly. The docks are empty now, signifying the end of another season on the water, just in time for the snow to fly.  It seems like November hit with some force, temperatures dropping significantly on Nov. 1st, and snow off and on over the past 10 days.  We hope today everyone is staying safe as folks re-adjust to the beginning of winter driving conditions.  Enjoy!

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Oct. 10, 2019

Welcome Bentley!  We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of our crew here at Little Gull.  A Border Collie, weighing in at less than 10lbs, and only 9 weeks old, Bentley has sure made his presence here known fast.  His favourite things to do include chasing leaves, working in the shop with the guys (which just means he follows them around chewing their shoelaces), tormenting the other dogs and cats, assisting Richard in the tractor, and going for boat rides with Leah and crew, which consist in part of sniffing all the fall smells, but mostly sleeping in a box because all that fresh air is exhausting!  We are excited for him to meet all of you and make lots of new friends.

It has been a busy, busy season here and we are so glad that the weather this week has stayed sunny and warm! It sure does help keep things rolling smoothly. The water is dropping very quickly, so if you haven’t already made arrangements to have your boats picked up, we encourage you to do so as soon as you can. If you intend to drop your boat off, please let us know ahead of time and pop in to the store when you arrive so we can help you find the best place to leave it. We are here from 8-5 all weekend.

As we head in the Thanksgiving (that’s hard to believe), we want to extend our most sincere appreciation to all of you for your continued loyalty to our Little Gull family. What we do here is only possible because of customers like you who support your local businesses so that we can continue to provide convenient services on the lakes.  Thank you!


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Sept 13, 2019

For the most part it has been another beautiful, albeit cool, week and the weather folks say it should be a sunny weekend.
We are bringing boats in fast and furious, and if you are on an area of the lakes where the water seems to whisk away from shore and leave your boat high and dry, consider taking a peak or having a neighbour check in and see how things look.  We definitely appreciate being able to pick boats up while they are floating and not beached – the girls start to say it gets a little chilly in the coming weeks to be doing much swimming 🙂

We are still open from 8am-5pm every day until after Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing everyone out enjoying this beautiful season.

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