Dec 8, 2017

Well, another month has come and gone and we’ve moved from summer & fall wind-down to winter start-ups! The boats are away but we are in yard clean-up mode and getting the winter toys ready. We hope everyone has had a good fall and you’re all set for the forecasted “Classic Canadian Winter”…. what does that even mean anymore? We are sure hoping it means a season full of winter activities and enjoyment. If Mother Nature delivers, we will be sure to have your toys ready to go. The water is still open but bays have been freezing over some nights.
This winter, we are open Monday-Saturday from 9am-4pm, and as usual will open on Sundays as well once the trails are officially open.  For the Holidays this year, we are closing from Dec. 16th-Jan 1st, re-opening on the 2nd.
Have fun getting ready for the holidays over the next couple weeks, and good luck to those college/university students out there trying to survive exams!


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Nov. 1, 2017

Trick or treat!  We hope everyone survived last night’s sugar highs and today’s crashes, but most of all we hope all the kids out there had fun taking over the streets as they looked for candy.
What a beautiful and busy fall it has been!  The boats have been coming in steadily and its a good thing because water levels are down to normal levels for this time of year. Construction is still continuing on the dam for a few more weeks.
The short days and little hints of snowflakes in the air mean winter is on the horizon, so its time to start getting the water turned off and everything all set for winter.  Speaking of winter, snowmobile season is just around the corner. Permits are on sale and we are ready to take requests for pre-season work on your sleds.

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep on Saturday night and have a great rest of the week!

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Sept 30, 2017

Well it has certainly been a fantastic fall, or perhaps we should call it summer.  It was much warmer than what we saw all summer and the activity on the lakes the past 2 weekends sure showed it! The past couple have days have begun to feel more fall like.  The leaves are changing, water levels are dropping, and the overnight lows have hit low single digits.  As much as we want to hang on to summer and the hot weather, it is definitely time to start making arrangements to get your boats and water toys to bed – especially the PWCs and I/Os out there since they are not friends with cold nights or low water-levels.  Get in touch with Gord via email, call, or drop in to see us to get on the pick-up list and reserve your fleet’s spot in the yard.  As well, if you haven’t been able to make it up for a few weeks, the dropping water has made it look as though some docks on the lakes are starting to get beached. If you are in one of those areas that get really shallow, use it as an excuse to come take a peek, or bribe a friend to check and make sure yours is still floating.
Construction on the dam is progressing very well and it sounds like they are in to the last few weeks of work and removal of the existing structure.
Its hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We look forward to seeing everyone up and enjoying the beautiful fall colours.  Have a great week!

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