Feb. 21, 2021

What a nice day out there! Hopefully you have been able to get out and enjoy a great winter weekend, and we really hope that it has been a smooth transition for all of the kids out there who have been heading back in to school over the past weeks.

We sure got some great snow to start the week! The weight of the snow has made the lakes quite slushy though, so keep moving if you’re out riding off of the packed trails. It looks like there is a bit of a mixed bag of weather ahead this week, with possibly a fair bit more snow coming, but also some talk of chance of rain. Some cottagers have started to clear their roofs, as have we. If you would like your roof cleared off, you can contact Bryan Carroll at 705-760-5115 to make arrangements to have that done.

The guys are keeping busy in the shop fixing all of the winter toys as they come in so that everyone can continue to enjoy the short season of snow.   The weekends have been busy with snowmobilers stopping by and its been great to see so many people out and about.

Keep enjoying and stay safe and healthy!

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Feb. 12, 2021

Where is the time going? Its hard to believe we are already part way through February with the Family Day Long weekend ahead.

We don’t have a ton of snow up here yet this year, but its enough to get out and enjoy some  winter activities and fresh air. The BDSC volunteers have been doing a great job keeping our snowmobile trails groomed, and Mississagua Lake was staked yesterday. If you do decide to get out on the lakes, please be careful! There is a fair bit of slush out there, and although we have heard that the ice thickness has been spot checked, we haven’t done so and aren’t running the middle of the big lakes yet.

With the long weekend ahead, we have decided that we will be open on Monday from 9-4. Leah has made sure there is lots of milk and supplies for the long weekend.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you are able to enjoy this long weekend as much as possible.  Stay safe and healthy!

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Jan. 9, 2021

Happy New Year! Although it may have looked different than normal years, we hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and continue to stay safe and healthy.

As we move through January and see another Provincial shutdown, we wanted to let you know that the shop is still open Monday through Friday for service. The store is open 9-4 and closed Sundays if the snowmobile trails are officially closed. Leah is making sure we have most of the things you are used to seeing through the summer, including snacks, basic groceries, dairy, meat and drinks, and we are continuing to only allow one family in the store at a time, but are also happy to offer curb-side pickup. Just call Michelle or Leah in the office (705-657-9088) and they will get your list ready for you to pick up!

We have a nice base layer of snow so far, but the lakes are far from being safe yet.  So please, even if you see snow across a bay or a lake, do not assume that means that the ice is safe underneath. Hopefully with some cold temps in the near future we will start to see a solid freeze up.

For all of the snowmobilers out there, you can check trail status here. However, even once trails are open, the OFSC is encouraging riders to stick to local trails during the shutdown.   Please help our first responders by staying safe while you get out and ride this season!


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