July 17, 2020

Finally some rain!  The nice weather has been great but we did need some rain, but we need more.  The Fire Ban has not been lifted, nor do we know when it will be (Leah’s crystal ball isn’t working on this one). It’s all up to Mother Nature.

In other news, we are sad to let you know that the organizers have decided that the annual fireworks event will not be taking place this summer. All of the local businesses up here are so grateful for your continued support, especially this year and we hope to see you on the water next year!

With all the time being spent at the cottage for so many of you this summer, it seems likely that an item or two may have mysteriously disappeared off the boat or dock and lies at the bottom of the lake. Many of you may know Kendra from working here at the marina. She would be happy to help you rescue your items, and based on our experience probably will find things you didn’t even know were down there! Send her a text for more info or to book a time.

Enjoy the weekend


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