Feb 21, 2018

Good morning. We hope everyone had a great family day weekend!  There were a lot of people up enjoying the weather, which unfortunately has turned in to being very wet for the next few days.  With the amount of rain they are forecasting, please remember to stay away from the lakes and any running water, as their thawing could cause some unexpected and very cold swimming lessons.

With spring starting to tease us, please start to think about any projects you may want completed before the toys get launched and let us know as soon as possible so we can get you in the queue, which is already growing steadily.

With the forecast moving forward, snowmobiling is looking like a bit of a dream in March rather than reality, so we have decided this year to close for the month of March. This will allow us and our staff a bit of a break and also an opportunity to get some long overdue projects done. We will be available by email, but the chances of getting an answer to phone calls will be greatly diminished for the month. We will be back open starting April 2nd.

Stay safe out there!

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