June 30, 2017

School’s out for summer!  To all the kids and teachers out there – congrats you made it through another year, another grade!  Now on to the celebrations…welcome to the Canada 150 weekend! We hope the weather person is wrong in their forecast but as Canadians we will persevere as always and take it anyway it is presented. We are looking forward to seeing everyone up and enjoying the summer as it officially starts.

There are some new toys in the store for anyone looking to get dragged around the lake behind a boat this year.  And speaking of boats, check out our inventory online of used boats, or talk to us about new boats as well to pull those kids around the lake, or just relax and chase the odd fish.  We can get you set up with everything you may want to enjoy a summer on the water.

We are very excited to welcome many new members to our crew this summer.  Stop by and introduce yourself to Evelyn, Kendra, Trinity, Emma & Lauren on the gas docks – they are eager to meet and get to know everyone over the coming weeks.  You’ll also see Mary around the yard as she helps keep things moving and attended to.

Starting tomorrow, we are back to summer hours, open of 8-8 every day until September Newspapers are also back to 7 days a week.

Be sure to sign up for the parasailing/flyboarding event on July 29th, swimming lessons start on Tuesday, and keep an eye out for next week’s post with more info about all the events coming up over the summer.

See you on the weekend! And remember, we want to see pictures of your Canada 150 decorations!

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