Oct 27 Update

Busy, busy putting boats away. It has been a great fall for the most part with the weather being quite co-operative. The winds the last few days have been something. I think it has been a number of years since waves this size were seen on Mississagua Lake. It was a good thing the water level was down so no real damage was done to shorelines etc. As mentioned we have been busy putting boats away. Our hours now for November are 9-4 Monday thru Saturday. We are closed Sundays until the snowmobile trails officially open. With the elections behind us we now have a new council. Unfortunately, Don Bowles did not make the council this time but there is always next time. Our new council: Janet Clarkson- Reeve, Ron Windover-Deputy Reeve, Bev Mathews-Harvey Ward, Don Lacombe-Galway-Cavendish Ward, and Madeleine Pearson-Councillor at Large. Congratulations to all and hope the next four years bring positive and great things to our township. Have a great weekend!


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