Sep 12 Update

No excuses other than it is has been an awesome summer and there was just not enough hours in the day!! First off, the pic to the right is of the great summer staff plus Tyler our new addition in the spring (apprentice) This group of individuals is the key to our success in enjoying and serving the family of friends and customers on the lakes! We certainly have been so lucky to have this crew for so many years to ensure our continued growth!! We hope everyone has had a great summer and has enjoyed all the fabulous weather! It will go down as the summer of 2010 not to be forgotten. Early water levels were, well to say the least scary, but good ol’ Mother Nature came back and gave us record water levels throughout the summer. It helped that someone nailed the logs together at the dam!! We are now busy collecting all the toys and putting them to bed. If you haven’t talked to Sally yet about setting aside a bunk for the boat you better hurry as this might be the year we have to say sorry. We are at capacity and certainly don’t want to disappoint anyone but there is only so much room and time to make sure they are all put to bed. The municipal election campaign is well underway and I will update everyone in the next week on the candidates. I would do it tonight but apparently there was a few last minute hats thrown in to the ring and it will be early in the week before I can confirm the bearers of said hats! Thanks again for all the support shown over the summer and we look forward to serving all your fall requests for taking care of the toys. This time I will say I will be back sooner than later and we look forward to seeing everyone at least one more time before Thanksgiving! Back soon!

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