Dock found please contact Chris 416-557-8007

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The weather this winter was weird but it’s boat season now!  A few boats have been hitting the water early as we had an early ice out.   It’s nice to start seeing some familiar faces back up enjoying cottage country and the nice weather will be here soon.  We can only hope that the bugs will stay in hiding.

Our team is ready to take on the boat season.  If you would like to make arrangements to get your boat out of storage, please email with at least 2 weeks notice and she will get you in the queue!  She will always reply with a confirmation, so if you don’t hear back, definitely follow up in case the email got lost in cyberspace.  Please also let us know if your plans change and you won’t be coming up your planned weekend.

We are still collecting corks and pop can tabs, you are welcome to drop them by anytime that we are open, which currently is 9am-4pm Monday to Saturday, May will be daily 9am-5pm closed first Sunday in May!

Michelle had an exciting winter as she is two grandchildren richer.  They are both adorable.

Burn Permits are to be completed online . Please remember to continue calling in before and after each burn, and only have fires when it is safe to do so.

Looking forward to seeing you all up at the lake.

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Thank you neighbors, the lost dog is back home again, safe and sound.

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