Sept 13, 2019

For the most part it has been another beautiful, albeit cool, week and the weather folks say it should be a sunny weekend.
We are bringing boats in fast and furious, and if you are on an area of the lakes where the water seems to whisk away from shore and leave your boat high and dry, consider taking a peak or having a neighbour check in and see how things look.  We definitely appreciate being able to pick boats up while they are floating and not beached – the girls start to say it gets a little chilly in the coming weeks to be doing much swimming 🙂

We are still open from 8am-5pm every day until after Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing everyone out enjoying this beautiful season.

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Sept 6, 2019

Whoops!  I guess we’ve been slacking a bit in the post department. We hope everyone enjoyed the last couple of weeks of summer. Despite cooler and perhaps more seasonable temperatures for late August, for the most part it was still beautiful out and great for enjoying cottage and boat season.
We have moved quickly in to boat pick-up, winterize and storage season here, so if you are done with your toys for the season, please let Michelle know so that we can make arrangements to pick them up from your dock and get them safely back to bed for another winter.
The water levels have dropped but there is still no problem getting under the bridges (trim up) or through the sand bar here at the marina.
We hope the first week back to school for everyone has been a good one and hope to see you up on the weekends!  We are now open from 8am-5pm every day until after Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend.

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August 18, 2019

The sun is shining! Yesterday’s weather wasn’t the best for our parasailers and flyboarders, but we hope if you were out on an adventure with the ski-mazing crew that you enjoyed it, especially the extra special view of the lakes from the air.  Thank you to Craig and crew for another great day.

It is hard to believe that we are in to the middle of August already and have started the fall process of pulling boats.  Folks are already booking in for storage, and you are welcome to contact us anytime to reserve your spot or make arrangements for us to pick up your toys from your dock and get them safely in to storage.

Before you head home for back to school and all the fall things, we know that lots of items can magically disappear off of docks over the course of the summer. If you’re missing your favourite hat, a pair of sunglasses, a chair, towels, or anything else, contact Kendra Sturdee. She is a certified diver and would love to help re-unite you with your long lost summer items!

Safe travels home tonight and have a great week!

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