May 9, 2019

What a start to spring we’ve had!  It’s official, the ice and snow are gone and its boat season.  And speaking of boats, we have some news to share.

Many of you over the years have gotten to know our head mechanic Cal.  He has been an integral part of the team here at Little Gull for 13 years (crazy how fast time goes), and it is with very mixed emotions that we share with you the beginning of a new adventure for him.  Cal is moving in to a management role at a new marina just outside of Peterborough. Slightly closer to home for him and with a focus less on marine engines and more on motorcycles, which is the background Cal came to us from, it is perfect for him.
We want to wish him all the best on his new endeavours and thank him for all of the great years, many long long hours and fixes of boats, tractors and everything in between, and especially for all of the great treats that often got sent in for the crew here from his wife Val.

Luke has embraced the challenge as we move in to the spring of filling the role of lead mechanic and we know that he will do a great job.

As always, we need at least 2 weeks notice in order to get your boat in the water. We are already way behind due to the late start that Mother Nature gave us, combined with the very rainy, muddy conditions we have had, and appreciate your patience as we work to get your boats ready to go as soon as possible.

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April 18, 2019

Its definitely time to stay off of the ice now. The water has come up quite a bit over the past week or so and the spring sun has done its work on the lake and snow. Roads are pretty soft so be careful on the shoulders and have an eye out for the usual spring pot-holes.
As always, we need at least 2 weeks notice to get your boat out of storage and ready for the water, so please email or call Michelle to make necessary arrangements.  Dock orders for this summer have also stacked up quickly, so if you are considering a new dock for your toys or to sit and relax on this season, please contact Ryan as soon as possible.
Also we are getting our lost and found page back up and running. Let us know if mysterious items have drifted ashore over the winter and spring, or if you are missing something and hopefully we can get things back to their owners!
Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Easter

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April 5, 2019

Well we promised exciting news and updates this week and we hope we can live up to that promise. We have been busy for the last 4 weeks building new docks! These include new gas docks (not pictured), and 2 sections of brand new slips to replace the oldest docks here. Led by the expertise of Ryan, our resident dock builder, we’ve had help from all of our full time staff, and even a guest appearance from a friendly face who lives south of the border! We’ve jumped on them, ran across them and tried to rock them to make sure they are sturdy and stable and so far they have passed with flying colours! The foot of ice they are on might have impacted test results…we’ll get back to you when they are floating.

There isn’t much else to report here other than there is still lots of ice on the lakes, but they have started bringing the water levels up, so the ice is slowly pulling away from shore.
We’ve updated our events page for this season with as much as we know of so far. Lori Harper is running an Emergency First Aid and CPR-C course at the community centre on June 8th, as well as swimming lessons again this summer.

We are still closed on Sundays until Mother’s Day, but here Monday – Saturday from 9am-4pm. Have a great weekend and enjoy the spring-like weather they are predicting.

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