Missing Dog

Please keep your eyes open for this handsome guy. His name is Walter and he’s been missing for several days now. Contact the marina or zach at 705-772-7255

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Aug. 28, 2020

We sure haven’t had a lot to share over the past little while it seems.  Summer has been moving along quickly as always, and it’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of August already. Starting on September 8th, our hours will change to 9-5 everyday.  We will not have papers for sale after Sunday September 6th.

We have already started putting boats away. In fact this year, the last boat’s requested launch date was the same day that the first boat came out of the water for winter storage. The cycle never ends!  If you would like to make arrangements for winter storage, please contact the office to let them know when you will be done with your toys and we will make them disappear from your dock to get them put safely away for the winter.

September this year will probably be a bit of a strange one for so many kids with changes at school, but perhaps especially for anyone heading off to university or college for the first time.  Many of you know Kendra who works here, and she has already headed east in order to do a 2-week isolation in Nova Scotia before she starts at Dalhousie. Nikola will also be starting her first year in the coming weeks at Brock, but entirely online and from home. We want to wish them and all the other school bound kids all the best as they set out on new adventures and hope that it is a fantastic experience!

Enjoy the weekend, hopefully the sun comes out!

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July 31, 2020

Another great summer weather week! Its been nice to get some rain too though as we sure have needed it. As you can see, we have some cool art in the store on display and for sale from Lake Designs. 5 different pieces (4 pictured above) are available in the store, and custom prints can be made upon request by contacting lakedesignprints@gmail.com.

Last weekend was the floating concert and we’ve heard great reviews from so many of you! We’ve passed on your kind words and want to say big thank you to Don, Sherrie and their family for organizing a great thing for our community. It was especially great since there are no fireworks this weekend.

A few updates came through from Peterborough Public Health this week.  One is that they found Lyme disease in a tick and west nile in a mosquito in the Peterborough area. More information about both can be found here.  The second update that we need to share with you is that starting tomorrow, masks will be required for anyone entering the store, and we will not be allowing any customers in the shop or service areas. We have masks available for purchase, hand sanitizer for use or for purchase, and appreciate your understanding as the girls keep making sure we are following all the rules.

We’ve been trying to keep our lost and found page up to date, so if you have a mystery posted there that has been solved, let us know so that we can update accordingly.

Enjoy the sunshine and long weekend


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