July 6, 2020

Another hot sunny weekend and week ahead. We suspected it was just a matter of time before a Fire Ban came in to effect. As of midnight tonight, there is a complete Fire Ban. This means no open flame fires for any reason.  Please keep our community safe by respecting this ban.

Because the Community Center is still closed, the 507 is being published online for you. Big thanks to Kathy and her crew for keeping the community newspaper going.

In continued efforts to keep everyone safe, we will not be offering water taxi services this year.

And for those of you who have been missing your weekly trip to visit Don and Bill at the Transfer Station, they are back up and running for normal operations and eagerly await your visits!

Stay safe this week.

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June 26, 2020

I guess it officially summer now!  Congratulations to all of the kids out there who finished another school year, especially those who are graduating this year – we can’t imagine how tough its been for you to end the year in such a strange way. And to all of the educators who survived it, well done!  Enjoy this weekend of sunshine and warm weather to kick off the summer.

This week was Linda and Kim’s last week out back cleaning boats with Mary. They braved the snow, rain, wind and sweltering heat over the past 8 weeks to get your boats cleaned and did a great job. Mary will get us through to the finish line now.

Today is the first day that we are open from 8am-8pm, back to summer hours. A reminder that they are a bit different this year. We will be open from 8-8 on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 8-6 Sundays through Thursdays. We welcome back our entire summer crew here (Evelyn, Nikola, Kendra, Jordan, Olivia & Natasha), and they are looking forward to seeing you on the docks and in the store.

If you should be receiving emails from us and are not, please check your junk mail folders. Emails from Leah and Michelle seem to be going there for many folks. We do appreciate you continuing to contact us through the office.

This spring posed a whole slew of challenges for us, as it did for so many. So this next part comes from Leah, Michelle and Shawna-Marie. Thank you to everyone for their creative ideas and potential solutions to the roadblocks we faced back in May. We learned that we have some very creative customers, especially when it comes to dreaming up ways of getting your boats to your docks back when we were not allowed to deliver them to you or let them be picked up. Thanks for all the laughs through the chaos and confusion!


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June 20, 2020

It’s been great to see so many people out enjoying the summer weather we’ve had. Hopefully it sticks around for another couple of months!
We had a great week again with the entire crew here doing a fantastic job of getting us very very close to caught up in the boat launch request department.

We just have a few updates this week for you. If you are considering a new, custom built dock to relax on and secure your toys to, Ryan is still booking for this year, as well as next. He can also get you set up with ShorePorts, which are a great way to keep your PWCs safe and secure on the dock. Contact us or him for more information or to book a quote.

We are trying to keep our Cottage Rentals page, as well as our Lost and Found page up to date. If you have information you would like shared on either of these, please email Michelle the details for us to add (or remove!).

Cottage Life Magazine is once again making their June/July issue free to access online.

Finally, as you head out and about this weekend and hopefully stop by, please keep in mind that we are trying to be vigilant in keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy. We are open from 9am-4pm until June 26th when we will switch to summer hours. Please remember that we are only allowing one family at a time in the store, ask that you respect everyone’s space on our docks, the girls are cleaning often, and we have hand sanitizer available for purchase in the store.

Enjoy the sunshine! Stay safe


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