April 4, 2022

Well it’s definitely been awhile this time around! We hope everyone enjoyed the winter, and are looking forward to warmer days ahead!  Even though we’ve had some warm temperatures lately, the ice hasn’t really started to leave us yet, so its not quite time for docks and boats. That being said, if you know when you would like your toys launched this year, please send Michelle an email with those dates so that she can get you in the line-up.  If you do not hear back from her, please follow up. We would hate for a request to get lost in cyberspace!

Every year around this time, and often earlier, we start getting inquiries about summer jobs. Year to year we don’t necessarily know who is returning from the previous summer and who is not, however if you know someone who would like to work here during the summer, or through the year, please encourage them to send a resume to leah@littlegullmarina.ca. Leah keeps all of the resumes we receive on file so that when we do need a spot or two filled, we have an idea of who might be interested and can follow up.  If you or someone you know is interested in a job for the upcoming summer, we’d love to hear from them!

We are still collecting corks, and are back to collecting pop can tabs so you are welcome to drop them by anytime that we are open, which currently is Monday-Saturday from 9am-4pm.

It was another exciting winter for Luke as he, Lauren and Marlo (and Freddy) welcomed the newest addition to their family, Eli. Everyone is doing well and it sounds like Marlo is being a great big sister!

Enjoy the week!

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