Aug 20, 2014

August MoonWhere is the summer going so quickly?!  We had some pretty spectacular evenings with a great moon about a week ago that one of the young ladies was able to capture quite nicely. But the weather has also definitely been a roller coaster ride the past couple of weeks.  Sadly, that means that it is time to start letting the girls in the store know when you would like to have your toys put to bed again for the winter.  We already have a number of boats here ready for their winter spa package treatment.
A reminder for all interested we are hosting an air rider hovercraft demo event this Saturday starting at 9am.  Drop by and check out these amazingly versatile year-round transportation vehicles for getting around the lakes.

Thanks again to Lori Harper, Calista Marshall and Nicky Topper-Dixon for another great summer of swimming lessons at LGM.  It is always great to see all the kids, young and old, out and learning those floating vs. sinking skills!

Have a great week!


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