April 14, 2013

The weather still seems to be holding on to winter!  The storms over the last couple of days didn’t bring nearly the damage to trees and hydro lines that most of the province was subject to.  The hydro seems to be continuing to stay on up here compared to just south of here where a lot of Buckhorn etc. south was out and some areas are still out until later today, or so they say.  The ice is still quite thick but the level of the lakes continues to rise.  We are very busy getting ready for the ice out whenever that may happen.  This week’s forecast so far suggests some warming temps so we will see where we end up in comparison to other years.
As always remember to let Sally know your intentions for your boat launch request dates and the goodies you want to add and have done.
Enjoy the weather for what it is! (Spring in Canada!)
Solid Ice

Solid Ice

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