Feb. 14, 2013

Welcome to winter….for the fourth time this year!  It sounds like the city might have melted since our blizzard on Friday but up here its still white and good for snowmobiling.  Lots of people were out this past weekend and hopefully more will be up this weekend.  The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is offering free trail passes for this coming weekend (Family Day).  The link is here and takes a bit of navigating but well worth it to get out and do some riding over the long weekend!
Now that the trails are officially open, we are open every day (including Sundays) from 9am until 4pm.  We will be closed on Family Day Monday (Feb. 18th).

People are out riding the lakes and although the shores are slushy in places its only because they’ve brought our water levels up yet again.

Happy Valentines Day and hopefully see everyone out and about this weekend!

February at the Cottage

February at the Cottage



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