May 20 Update

Where does the time go? It has been crazy busy around here and no time to update. The boats are going in to the lower than normal water level and returning to their homes. The critters are starting to come out a little heavier now and seem alot hungrier. Pencil Lake area tonite was just unbelievable, more critters per square foot than the Congo!! I had so many bites I didn’t know which one to scratch! The weather forecast is looking a little better for the weekend as long as the Thunderstorms forecast don’t turn in to anything more serious like they are seeing to the south and west of us. Hope everyone has a safe drive up and enjoys the weekend.! Don’t forget Lori Harper is doing the boat course etc. on Sunday at the community center(see back in news) so if you don’t have the card it will be a chance to do so. Remember, the water is lower than normal so unless you want to keep our prop guy really busy adjust your travels to mid summer channels as opposed to spring levels. Bye for now. someone is waiting for their boat and must make sure it gets there!!


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