May 5 Update

Rain, is finally crossing our area and bringing the much needed water we were looking for. The lake is slowly rising but we still need another 18-20 inches minimum to start the summer. It was so dry and dusty but the rain has brought out the leaves, grown some grass and fattened up the little black fly critters to a good healthy biting size!!! The dragon flies have appeared in the last few days as well so we will see how we make out with our annual ritual of feeding these little guys. We have been quite busy getting all the toys back in to the water and home to their respective docks. As always, Sally needs that two weeks notice or there is no promises on having your toy on the dock when you were hoping for. Our spring hours are now starting this weekend,, 7 days a week 8-5 for the month of May. The store is being stocked up with all the summer treats for kids young and old. A reminder about the mandatory boating card. Our friendly, neighbourhood law-keepers have been promising they will be here and charging those that don’t have the card! As mentioned last week Lori is offering the course and test on the long weekend for the procrastinators in the crowd. Give her a call asap to ensure you can get in to the course and not be stuck paying the $250 fine! They are saying zero tolerance and no sense of haha!! Looking at the forecast for the weekend one might want to pack an extra sweater or two with the below zero temps promised for Sunday and Monday mornings! Gotta love May and the predictable weather for weekends! Have a great weekend and to all the moms out there have a Great Mother’s Day!!!! (subtle reminder for the rest so they remember MOM!)

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