March 18 Update

Wasn’t that just about one of the warmest St. Patty’s days on record. What a gorgeous week it has been, but the forecast looks like reality and a touch of winter is on it’s way back. There has been quite a few up enjoying the March Break and out enjoying the weather whether it has been skiing up in Haliburton or just walking the trails. There is still snow, not large amounts in the woods. A little further north by Salmon Lake etc. there is more to be found but again the vast majority is gone. The ice is pulling away from the shores a little now but that is more to do with the level of the lake starting to rise. Although, the ice is still quite thick it would be very wise to stay off of it in case one finds a drain hole where it will be quite damp and cold!!! The roads are still soft so be careful if venturing in to the cottage on the cottage lanes so you don’t get stuck. Have a great weekend!


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