Oct 7 Update

Thanksgiving, here we come. The final countdown to the traditional summer-ending weekend. It looks like the forecast is not even going to let us down with the weather that seems to be normal for the last few Thanksgiving weekends here in Ontario. The water level is continuing to decline and well I don’t have to tell anyone about the weather the last week. Today, with the winds, it was a tad bit wavy on the lakes to say the least. Add the monsoon rain from time to time(hmmmm, most of the day!!) and it felt like Mother Nature was just trying to put a fitting close to the summer that started in late August/early September. We have, as usual been putting lots of boats to bed and trying to keep ourselves dry. (not very successful on that front.) We are looking forward to seeing lots of faces over the weekend to enjoy the weather whatever it may bring. Remember, the last few weekends the weather person hasn’t been totally right and we have seen some nice days. The snow in the forecast seems a touch early but well I guess it is October. The west can’t have it all and not share!! If you are trying to decide about shutting down the water or not the forecast is suggesting -4 for next Tuesday so that might help with the decision. Have a great end of the week and we’ll see everyone soon!

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