July 27 Update

The weather seems to be as usual the topic of conversation this summer?fall?spring? It certainly isn’t letting up it’s desire to be less than summer like conditions. Nonetheless, people seem to be getting out and enjoying what nice weather we do get from time to time. There is some events coming up at LGM in the next couple of weekends. Hastings Marine will be here over the long weekend with a number of boats and some wakeboarding boats to take people out for a ride. Buckeye follows up on the 8th of August weekend with a free pass weekend as well. So come out and enjoy some rides in new boats and let the kids take some hints from some really awesome riders. The annual fireworks go this weekend on Gold Lake on Saturday night. There has been lots of wildlife viewing lately with the critters all wandering around during the day. There is lots of healthy looking fawns along the Beaver Lake Rd. so be careful while driving in the road as they don’t seem to be road smart yet. Have a great week and we’ll see everyone over the long weekend!


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