May 5 Update

Wow, the ice left and it has been crazy here since. We have alot of boats in and alot more to go. Thankfully, the trilliums came out a couple of days ago and so did the blackflies!!Haha! They are starting to bite today and being their usual friendly selves. The weather looks like it might keep them hidden this weekend but we will see. For those trying to travel North of Pencil Lake Rd. the 507 is closed for a few days just south of Salmon Lake Rd. The highway developed a big sink section when a beaver dam let go a few days ago. They are in the process of trying to re-construct the road and have closed it until further notice. Our hours for May have changed to seven days a week and 8-5. If you haven’t contacted Sally by now about the boat for the long weekend it would be safe to say you won’t be seeing it!! The list is long and not really able to be compromised at this point. If you haven’t received a reply to your emails then that means we didn’t get them!!! The trees have started to let their leaves come out and the grass is starting to grow so be ready for the gardens and the mowing. A chance of frost again in the forecast so be careful about bringing too many flowers up until the forecast looks a little warmer for next week. Have a great week and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!


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