Jan 15 Update

Brrrrrrr!!! There was a touch of frost on the pumpkin this morning. Actually, it isn’t too bad. It is nice when the cold is dry and virtually no wind. It has been an absolutely gorgeous couple of days up here. OK there was a little more wood and oil being burned the last night or two but hmmmmm! that vs. shovelling? The groomers have been out in record numbers and the trails are looking quite awesome. There is a couple of trails still closed to, believe or not water still running and a bridge out above Salmon Lake Rd. Other than that everything looks great and it sounds like a lot of people are coming up to enjoy the fresh air! The lakes are looking pretty frozen but the usual spots are still a little dicey. This weather, you would think, would freeze the rivers up but with the amount of water still running, NOT! There is a number of pressure cracks on Catchacoma and one big one on Mississagua but for the most part they are well travelled. The forecast is looking pretty good for the weekend so get out and enjoy the great winter season. Rumours say that the Toronto Boat show is going well so if that is true we may see a number of new toys on the softer side of the lake in May! Have a great weekend and hope to see lots of people up enjoying the season this weekend!


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