June 3, 2021

We definitely got a surprise when we logged on to post this and realized we haven’t done an update here since early April, and there was still ice on Cavendish…Oops!  Good news update, the ice is out everywhere now! And Marlo enjoys visiting to play with all of her 4-legged friends in the water.

As you may have seen by now, we have some more new docks for our slip tenants! Ryan and Penny framed the docks for us so that they are nice and stable, and Gabe and Mary spent a week decking them all.  Definitely a big improvement here at Little Gull!
As you know the Fire Boat lives on our docks out at the point and it is very important that our volunteer fire fighters have easy access to their boat when needed.  We have a chain that we try to keep across the point to deter parking beyond the tree line, but we ask that you do not park out at the point.  Absolutely drive out and unload vehicles, but before you leave, please move your car back so that emergency vehicles are able to use that point space.

The crew here has been doing an awesome job getting boats launched and ready for another summer.  With the exception of today its been nice to have some great weather already too.  If you haven’t requested your boat already and would like to,  contact the office to make arrangements for us to get it back on your dock! If you don’t hear back from us, please follow up as we will always reply to confirm arrangements.

Keep an eye on our Sales page for used boats as they come up, as well as our Lost & Found page for things that we find around here, or that other people find around the lakes. We are happy to post and share in hopes that items find their way back to their owners. As well, we have several license plates in the office that we have found over time in our parking lot or in the water at the boat launch.  If you are missing one, send Michelle an email with your license plate number and we can check our collection!

We are still here from 9am-4pm every day. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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