April 8, 2021

Another day, another update.  This is quite the journey we are all on, and we sure hope that everyone has been able to stay safe and healthy!
We are happy to let you know that this year we are not required to shut down, and will be able to continue getting boats ready for the fast approaching season.

In order for us to continue working and getting your boats launched, our first priority has to be to keep our crew here safe. Please if you visit the marina, use the hand sanitizer available in the store or at the gas docks, wear your mask, and be mindful of areas that are designated for staff only (eg. around the sides of the marina & the shop area). As we have for the past year now, we are only allowing one family in the store at a time and are happy to offer curbside pickup.

The ice is out in most places, but it looks like some of the smaller lakes are hanging on a little bit still.  The photo above is of Cavendish this morning. If you would like to request your boats, or change your already scheduled date due to the recent government updates, please contact Michelle and she will make arrangements with you and remember that we require at least 2 weeks notice.

Enjoy the rest of the week!



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