April 26, 2020

Mother Nature has sure been keeping us on our toes hasn’t she?!  Friday was supposed to be warm and sunny, and at times it was snowing so hard we couldn’t see the sandbar!  Saturday was sunny and mid-teens.  Maybe she’s getting a bit stir crazy (or bored) like some of us probably are and sees it as entertainment.

Another week has come and gone very quickly it seems, and unfortunately not a whole lot has changed. The most recent update we have is that all emergency orders currently in place will remain until at least May 6th.  We hope that when things do start to gradually open, that we are in the early rounds and are able to get back to work so that you can enjoy the already short season on the water.

In an effort to keep in touch with everyone, we have been sending updates via email (2 so far) as well as continuing to post here and on facebook. We know that many of you get inundated with emails and we promise not to bombard you, but if you wish to receive them and haven’t yet, you can easily sign up here.  Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel may be interested.

We are still choosing the optimistic path and are happy to take your boat requests and get you in the queue.  Leah is replying to every boat request, so if you have already emailed us and haven’t heard back, it likely got lost in cyber space somewhere. Please re-send the original email and she will put you in the lineup and reply confirming receipt. Don’t be afraid to double check!

If you’re missing the cottage or just need something else to peruse, Cottage Life Magazine is offering free access to the current digital edition, inviting everyone to escape to the cottage with them even if only for a few minutes. Enjoy!

This is a tough time for everybody. We are so grateful to everyone on the front lines of this and appreciate every unimaginable sacrifice you are making. Several times now we have seen the analogy that we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Very true. Please take time to take care of yourselves, to check in with family and friends, and to help your neighbours.

Stay safe & healthy everyone!

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