Jan. 17, 2020

It still seems strange typing 2020 in the heading. With each new year brings another Toronto Boat Show, and it opens tomorrow! There will be lots of great things to check out, including workshops, demos and shows on the water, lots of exhibits, a women’s day on Sunday, and for the little ones they can go fishing (yes really) and beg Mom and Dad for all the snacks and treats available at the show.
I will be there from mid-morning on Monday until Wednesday around noon, and if you contact the marina we can make arrangements to meet and take a look at or discuss any options you might be exploring.

Also, remember if you are thinking about upgrades to your docks to keep those toys secure, we can certainly take care of that with Ryan’s custom docks and decks.

Finally, please be careful out there this weekend. We aren’t venturing out on the lakes yet as they aren’t safe in most places still and all the snow can be deceiving. As for snowmobiling, the trails aren’t open yet but you can check for updates here.

Have a great weekend!

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