March 1, 2019

March already! January and February were pretty great months for winter activities, and it looks like that will continue a little bit longer for us. The trails are in great condition, there is lots of snow on the lakes and in the forest and the forecast looks good for some more in the future.

We are closed for the month of March again this year, so the closest place to get gas is Anstruther Marina. Leah is off on an adventure before we get busy with boat season, and has headed back to Aussieland to visit Heather for 3 weeks. So far they are having a great time, she even got to attend a Dragon Boat practice with the Brisbane team!
Heather is doing really well, making the most of her time and experiences in Australia. She recently moved from Cairns to Brisbane, and is working at the Australia Zoo.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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