This picture of a young lady moose with a calf due any day soon is a sure sign of spring! Considering the challenges we faced last weekend with Hydro,weather and highway closures it was great to see everyone up and enjoying the first big weekend of the summer!
It certainly has been quite the weather this spring.  The logistics of getting all of the toys back in the lake where they belong, clean, dry and running properly has been hampered by the seemingly endless rain! Having said that, things are moving forward to ensure that the bugs are fed and boats are floating peacefully at docks awaiting the chance to get out and play!
With summer just around the corner, you may be starting to think about how to entertain the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc while they are up at the cottage. Lori Harper is  offering swimming lessons again this year, as well as First Aid/CPR courses.  We are sure there will be regattas, One Big Day at the community center, and other fun things so keep an eye out here over the coming weeks for summer activities. Gord has stocked the store with the necessary toys and accessories to add to the fun!

If you require any other service including tops, boat refinishing, new docks etc. please feel free to contact us asap to be scheduled in before the holidays start.

Have a great weekend and hopefully the forecast is better than it is showing!

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