Feb 16, 2016



Welcome to winter?  We are finally getting some snow.  Hopefully the trails will be usable this week! The lakes are being traveled on, but please as always check before you go and don’t venture out to explore after dark.  Both Catchacoma and Mississagua have some large pressure cracks so be careful….they might not make your day.

It is with great sorrow that we  share with you the passing of Stormy.  He was a front line greeter and first class supervisor for almost 12 years here at LGM. His daily fitness routine involved following Don on the tractor, and staying on Heather, Leah & Shawna’s heels to be sure he never missed a boat ride. One time, he got left behind and decided the best option was to swim after the boat…he was a great co-captain but not the best swimmer on the lakes; he sure had heart though!  Not much of a car ride guy, these boat rides were Stormy’s version of doggy head out the window, wind in his ears trips. Caution to those at the back of the boat: standing at the bow with his tongue hanging out was sure to result in a likely unwanted shower!
Greeting the Purolator truck at 10:00 every morning was a event that could not be missed – who else would provide him with a coffee break treat? And everyone has to gear up for a busy afternoon of greeting people, so we could be sure to find him by Cal’s side at lunch…he knew who brought the best leftovers.
His winter routine was not much different, although snowmobile gear makes getting a good ear rub difficult.  Storm had it all figured out, often  stealing the right handed glove off of machines as customers filled up with gas, only returning it after getting a good pat on the head.  Smart guy.

Sally says he hit the jackpot landing at Little Gull all those years ago.  We think it was us who hit the jackpot.  We know he had numerous friends around the lakes and he will be missed very much. Happy boating buddy!

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