Oct. 6, 2015

IMG_2845Where has another month gone? Labour day came and went, kids went back to school, it felt like summer for awhile and now it seems we’re really in to fall weather.  September was a gorgeous month though and it was nice to see so many people up enjoying it!  Now that we’re in to October, the water has really started dropping quickly.  Each week we noticed changes but the last week is fairly significant. If you haven’t been up in awhile you may want to consider a trip up to make sure your boat and dock are still floating and not lounging on the beach.  With the quick drop, boats are coming in fast and furious. The girls are out doing pick-ups nearly every day and weekends are busy with drop-offs.  With Thanksgiving on the horizon, often close-up weekend for many, we expect what space is left in the yard will fill up quickly so please email Sally to ensure your toys have a place to rest for the winter.  The trees are also starting to change and the weather is looking good so here’s to a beautiful, colourful weekend ahead.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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