May 29, 2015

sunsetHappy Friday.  The girls have been out till dark delivering boats this week which means some beautiful sunset pictures to share with you.

We have been cautioned that ticks are now prevalent in the area, however we hadn’t seen any evidence of them until last weekend when we found one on Arcade.  Please take extra care to check your pets over for ticks after they have been enjoying being outside at the cottage.  The following is an email we received from Help Pest Control 

My Friends and Neighbours, a dangerous tick season has commenced.  It is expected to last from now until late October in Central Ontario.  Warnings have been issued across Canada in multiple jurisdictions. This week even the Toronto District School Board cautioned Parents. Some warnings …

“It’s wise to talk simple precautions before being outside in grassy, bushy or treed areas, and check yourself and your children and pets for ticks afterwards,”
“If any ticks are found, they should be carefully and promptly removed.” 

Lyme  disease which is often a risk attached to tick season, is more common in parts of southern Canada and the U.S. where specific tick populations such as Deer Ticks reside.

Wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts is one of the best preventive measures. Additionally, pull your socks over your pant legs when walking through tall grass. Insect repellent containing DEET or Icaridin can be useful in these situations. Make sure to wear light colours so ticks are easily visible. Finally, do a “full body” tick check daily on yourself, your children and pets.

If found, ticks can be sent to be checked for lyme disease – contact your vet.  

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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