Aug 15, 2013

Hard to believe it is the middle of August already!

The fireworks on the long weekend were awesome as always, as was the boat show leaving Gold!  A huge thank you to Rick Asling for organizing this night once again and to all of the cottagers and businesses who generously made contributions to the display!

The water has started to drop in the past week or two so be careful when you’re out playing of those nasty rocks that always seem to move each year.
The girls have been busy writing up storage contracts so if you know when you would like your toys to go away for another season give us a call or email and we’ll take care of it for you.

Storm cleanup is still happening in a big way.  There was a lot of damage and lots of trees lost.  If you’re not sure about getting a tree down there are a few businesses in the area that will take care of them for you.  Although most power has been restored (as far as we know), many people are still without phones. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so hopefully we’ll see everyone out enjoying the sun and the last couple weeks before the kids head back to school.

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