Sept. 18, 2012

It’s been great to see everyone out enjoying the beautiful fall weather!  Water levels have stabilized temporarily and we’ve been busy getting boats back to bed.

A summer project has finally come to fruition.  Back in July I went up in the plane and was able to get some really nice footage of the area.  One of the young ladies who works for us was able to put it together on a DVD and set it to music by John Herberman, a local composer.    By following the link below, you can get a taste of what is on the DVD.  The full one is over a half hour long and is available in the store.  You can also get a copy of John Herberman’s Cd Head in the Clouds.  If need be, we can send copies to you as well.  Give us a call or stop by and start Christmas shopping early this year!

Kawartha Highlands Paradise

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