May 25,2011

Baby Fawn

Well, it certainly had to go down as one of the best or nicest long weekends in recent memory.  The bugs were almost at an all-time low. The weather person had predicted much worse and like usual was a little off the mark!  It has been great seeing all the familiar faces to start a new season and also welcoming all the new faces!!  The summer has begun, the toys are hitting the water and it has been quite busy! The pic is a rare treat that is so rare that we had to share.  This little fawn was born yesterday morning and momma was happy to share with us. Mom and baby are both fine.  As usual, we are very busy and if Sally doesn’t know that you want the boat then you probably won’t see it. Two weeks as usual is the magic yes sir/mam ok….anything less is hmmmmm maybe!!

Have a great weekend and see everyone soon!

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