April 29 Update

Marina Webcam Fri Apr 29 2011

A footnote from earlier. Our hours starting May.1/2011 for the month are 8-5 Sunday-Saturday with May 1st being the exception as we are closed that day.

It certainly has been an interesting week weather wise for sure. We are still awaiting hydro since yesterday morning here. There is alot of people still out but hydro one says most should be restored by later this afternoon. The reports of dock after dock being damaged keep coming in. If you come up and can’t seem to locate your dock give us a call as we are starting a list on the sightings that are being reported. Between the lake coming up quite early with a lot of ice still in and the high winds they have chosen to find new temporary homes. We are as usual very busy and continuing as best we can with the weather to get all of the toys heading back in to the water. Tomorrow’s forecast is looking pretty good so if you decide to come up enjoy the pre-blackfly season.

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