Jan 7 Update

Happy Belated New Years! We hope everyone had a good holiday season. An update on ice conditions, the big lakes are still not in my mind, safe to cross yet. We haven’t had any significant ice gain since the 30th of December. The back lakes north of here are seeing some traffic but even most of those only have maybe 7-8 inches of ice and there seems to be lots of water flowing so that is making them ones to watch anywhere they narrow in. The snowmobile trails are still virtually impassable as the snow is so fluffy and very minimal. There seems to be a number of rinks along the shoreline but I wouldn’t venture out too far testing unless u feel like a polar plunge. Hopefully, next weeks temps will help to start making some ice and then we can ask for snow so it doesn’t slow down the process. The rink at the community center looks awesome and is ready for those impromptu pick-up hockey games. Have a great weekend and hopefully the weather people are right and it will be the wintery weekend we are looking for!

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