July 29 Update

Another month has disappeared! What a gorgeous month it has been and with record setting water levels to go with it!(shhh, don’t tell the folks downstream) As usual the August long weekend is shaping up to be another great one. With the fantastic fireworks show planned for Saturday night, north end of Mississagua Lake, and the always awesome show of boats that go with it. As well, Hastings Marine will be on site here at LGM for another great weekend of wakeboarding and lots of new toys to ponder over or go for a ride in. The weather folks are promising us sun all the way through so we have to think, hmmmm, lots of water , sun, warmth, great things to do, must be going to the cottage!! We are already starting to book in storage and Sally reminded me this morning that we were at or a little above capacity last year so we definitely need to know who is coming to ensure there is a spot for those boats. Hope everyone has a safe drive up and enjoys what should be one of the traditional great weekends for mid-summer in the place we love to call home!


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