March 25 Update

Another nice week under the spring skies. There seems to be some frost in the forecast for tonite and the next couple of days. -14C will almost make it feel like winter again. This should slow down the melting of the ice. The ducks and geese are trickling back in to the area and trying to find spots where the water is a little more liquid state to wash off all the dust from their long flights. The wild leeks are even starting to poke their leaves out throught the ground on some of the southern facing sidehills. It is nice to get out and enjoy the area before the BUGS start. We actually saw some disoriented mosquitoes the other day. They were so lost that they weren’t even thinking about dinner. The ice is still here but definitely not safe so watch the pets to ensure you don’t have to find that canoe to go rescue them. Enjoy the weekend.


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