March 11 Update

Well, it looks like other than a few minor things to get back on like Sales and Galleries the site is going to be back for a while. It has been a trying time but it is now hopefully going to be a lot less painful in the future. Everything has been good up here with the weather spoiling us for the last few weeks. Nonetheless, March came in really nice so we all know how it will treat us at the end of the month. Some of the roads are quite soft and probably will be softer with the forecast for the weekend. There is still snow around but I would say that the sledding is done unless we get some more of the white stuff. The lakes are starting to soften up so if one has an ice hut out on one of the lakes surrounding us this would be the weekend to get it off the ice. We are gearing up for a busy spring so if there is some of those jobs you would like to see done before the boat is launched please let Sally know asap. Stuff like new tops, detailing etc. are easier to schedule now before the big rush!! Have a great weekend and keep the umbrella handy!


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