March 2 Update

Finally, I have some access to the site for a little while. It has been a few weeks trying to sort out all kinds of issues but I do believe we are curing all the problems of past. Within a few days everything should be stable and good. There has for whatever reason been a number of DNS,IP,hosting issues that have befuddled even the more (much more) computer literate people than I. Having said that it has been a good couple of weeks weather wise for everyone to get out and enjoy the second attempt at winter! We have seen lots of people up enjoying the area and this has been great! The trails were as good as could be expected and then the snow helped considerably to let the snowmobiling begin. The only complaints have been the fishing hasn’t been up to the norm from years past. The fish aren’t hungry so I am told as there is numerous sightings on the fish-finders. Numerous sightings didn’t lead to numerous catchings!! Like I always say that is why it is called “fishing not catching!” The warm weather is starting to make it look a little more spring like this week but March is coming in like a lamb so we all know what that means. Have a great week and if the computer gurus in the sky permit I will be back a lot sooner than later!


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