Feb 4 Update

Finally, I am back. It has been really crazy around here and between computer issues, being away the last week plus etc. I think we are getting back in to a schedule again. The lakes seem to be good to go now but there is only a light dusting of snow on them. This will make it not too bad for skating etc. but it will be a game of catching the snow to keep the sliders and machines from over-heating. As usual, one has to watch the areas that are never safe to travel and avoid those areas. The trails as of this evening are actually pretty decent considering we definitely need more snow. There is still some rocks sticking through but they are as flat as possible considering the base the club has to work with. The weather forecast is looking pretty decent for the weekend as well so it might be a good weekend to come and play at the cottage. The picture to the right shows the other hazard on the lakes as of the last week or so. There is some decent pressure cracks forming on the big lakes so beware of these so you and the machine don’t end up needing attention of the kind you don’t want!! They are about 2-3 feet high in places. It is better to venture out in daylight hours to ensure you know where they are than to go blasting down the lake at night and find out the hard way! For the fisherpeople it sounds like the fish are starting to bite again in the (legal ones to fish) back lakes. To the rest that can’t make it up for the winter weekends, sorry but it is sure sounding like a nice weekend to be here. Cheers for now.

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