Jan 3 Update

Happy New Year! The holidays have gone quickly to say the least. The lakes are still not safe and there is a couple of young fellows that can attest to that. Everyone is safe and the old adage of asking us locals still holds true, so before you venture be sure to check with the local fellows and definitely don’t try it out after dark!! The rink at the community center is looking great and the fishing season is on again on the local back lakes. I haven’t heard of any monsters being caught yet but they are out there so I am told!! We hope everyone has had a great holiday season and we are back in full swing again tomorrow. The snowmobile trails have been being worked on tirelessly, but nonetheless not officially open yet. There is a lot of prep work to be done yet and mother nature has to do her share too. Keep an eye on the link on our website to the BDSC site to know when the trails are officially open. Mississagua Lake froze over on the 29th but with the snow of late it will be a while before it is safe so please don’t try crossing it for a while. The sled sales are going strong the last day or so if there is something that is of interest you better jump on it quickly because they are disappearing quickly. Back in a bit!


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