Nov 28 Update

Ahem, apparently I have been remiss in keeping up with the site!! It has been a very busy month with trying to finish up putting all the boats to bed. They just kept coming and coming which wasn’t a bad thing it just kept us hopping as the days and the water level just kept getting shorter. The weather hasn’t been terribly bad considering it is Novermber. The second week was unbelievably gorgeous and warm. It was the first time in years that I can remember not seeing snow or ice that week. Our water level has risen a little bit in the past week but that is largely due to all the water above us draining down. There is still a few boats running around with contractors trying to get in every day they can before the lake starts to freeze. To all our friends and customers south of the border, Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall and lack of snow so far considering the west has been getting their share of precipitation. Apparently, the big fellow in the red suit is due in the next few weeks so if there is something we can help you find for the boater/sledder/atver in the family just give Sally a call and we can help you put that under the tree. Have a great week!


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