Nov 1 Update

Halloween was here and then it was gone. The water was here and then it was gone! Even with the torrential downpours of Friday night the water level is a tad on the low side. Needless to say I haven’t been back because the weather person has kept us very busy trying to put all the toys to bed. Trying to keep them dry, happy and content(boats and employees) has been a challenge the last few weeks but we have perservered and I think we are definitely the winning team in the home-stretch!! We are now in to November hours and that means 9-4 Monday to Saturday(we are still working just not dealing with phones or drive-bys!) This ensures we get the rest of the boats to bed in time and as it now will be dark by 5-ish we need to make sure we can run un-interrupted for a few minutes each day to succeed!!We are closed Sundays until the Snowmobile club says the trails are officially open. We are also closed the week of Nov.9-13th for inventory and year end stuff! Today was an absolutely gorgeous day out on the water with a shallow draft boat. The critters are everywhere. Deer standing on the shoreline, loons grouching about their end of summer and the muskrats busy building winter homes. It is a great time of year up here but Saturday’s weather made it seem like a good day to watch the fire and see the leaves blow by! We just take the good days with the less than good days and consider ourselves lucky to enjoy them from here as opposed to the alternative. Have a great week and well you know the routine, I will be back when the time comes!


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