Sep 21 Update

Still, unbelievable weather. It was another great weekend with some cool temps in the morning but tubers and waterskiers out by the afternoon. It was really busy here again on the weekend with the afternoons being somewhat crazy at times. The water level is continuing to go down quickly and thus we are seeing a large amount of boats coming in a little early in spite of the weather. The numbers of boats coming in are great to see as this ensures they go away well dried etc. because of the lack of rain lately. (I couldn’t have said that in July!!) Not that the boats ever go away wet but it is a little nicer to work when the weather has been as nice as it has. We have had a very large group of new customers we are seeing this fall for storage and that has been great to see. Having said this we are getting to the point of capacity so as I mentioned a few weeks ago just to ensure a spot please let Sally know so she can make sure we can fit it in for this winter. Well we should all keep enjoying this late summer and we’ll keep busy putting the toys to bed. Have a great week.


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