Sep 7 Update

The weather is finally, a little more than unbelievable. Hence, the delay in getting some prose on to the site. We have been very,very busy. It was an absolutely picture perfect Labour Day weekend and probably the nicest weekend of the summer! It was great to see so many faces out getting the tan they had so wanted earlier in the year. I almost think I saw more burns this weekend than any other. This week the lake has settled back in to the mill pond look with some more nice weather and virtually no wind days. We have been busy picking up alot of boats and trying to get them in to their winter quarters. If you haven’t talked to Sally about the storage yet you should soon as the lists are piling up. As a note for this weekend there is a planned power outage from just North of Lakefield all the way up through this area. It is scheduled to be off Sun. from 7:30a.m. until 12:30p.m. So, if you are up at the cottage you might want to get the coffee brewing bright and early Sunday morning. Our fall hours are now 9-5 seven days of the week. Yes, we will be open on Sunday from 9-5 but hmmm, there won’t be any coffe brewing but all other goodies will be available. Hope you are enjoying the early September weather and we’ll be back soon. The water level seems to be staying so far this week but we will keep you posted when it starts to drop quickly.

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