Aug 9 Update

Another weekend comes to an end with some mid-day showers. Saturday was a great day with lots of people out enjoying the sun and fun.Buckeye had a good day on the water with the boats and wakeboard demos. Likewise, Hastings Marine had an awesome weekend a week ago. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the weekend worth these two great marina’s time to come up here. They are promising the week coming up to be one of the best so far this summer. It won’t have to be too spectacular to beat most of the weeks so far. If it didn’t rain for 5 days that would be a record I think. The fireworks went off very well and it was an awesome show! Thanks to the folks that did all the organizing and actual lighting of the candles!! As always, it is great to see so many boats out on that evening. The light show the boats put on is quite nice to see on it’s own. We are staying extremely busy and the service shop is still behind with all of the work coming in. This is not a bad thing as it means everyone is getting out to enjoy the toys when they can. It seems early but nonetheless storage units are starting to come in already. Unfortunately, for some it is a short season at the lake. Having said this we were at capacity last year and if you would like to secure a spot please drop Sally a line so she knows to save you some room. Inside storage is at a premium and pretty well full already so if that is your desire, again, let Sally know asap or it might not get in. Have a great week and we’ll keep our fingers crossed the weather person gets it right for a change this week!


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