July 2 Update

Another couple of weeks have slipped by again. It gets hard to notice with all the rain! There was one really nice day tucked in there last Saturday but alas more rain again! Nonetheless, it has been still really busy and it seems everyone is out enjoying the weather! At least it has been warm and the water so I hear is warm as well! Again, we welcome all the new people to the area as there seems to be a number of properties that have changed hands in the last few weeks! We look forward to meeting everyone and helping with all of the needs that seem to jump out as you settle in. Be careful, as you will find out, the neighbours up here are more friendly than you might expect and you will end up with numerous friends for life. In reference to the numerous questions about the bears, they seem to be more a rarity than an every evening occurence now than they used to be. We hope everyone is enjoying the start to summer and the store and the staff are ready for another great and busy season. I will start to update the photos a little more often again if the weather guy co-operates soon. There didn’t seem to be much point in showing day after day of rain. If I could have gotten some photos of rainbows it might have at least showed a glimmer of hope the weather person was wrong! Our hours now are 8-8 until Labour Day weekend so those evening treks to the candy counter are a reality for the kids for another great summer. Have a great weekend!


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