June 18 Update

Wow, where does the time go? It has been so crazy busy around here it is hard to believe the end of June is just around the corner! The flies have been fairly co-operative as of late. We are only feeding them dusk and dawn so far unless it is over-cast and then they seem to be hungry all day long like a 16 year old boy!! The weather this week has not been too bad. We have managed to miss most of the storms and carry on getting the toys back to their homes. The weather person seems to have a varied opinion on the weekend’s weather but I think we will go with the thoughts of a former Peterborough weather forecaster! “There will be a 75% chance of weather this weekend!” The forecast hasn’t been right for the past 7 weekends so why should this one be any different? We have been enjoying seeing everyone trickling back to enjoy another great summer in the area. We would also like to welcome all of the new faces that have been lucky enough to procure a piece of this great place we love to call home! Have a safe drive up, hope you had great luck on your exams(the younger folks!) and enjoy the weekend!


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