June 2 Update

Snow on the weekend!! Who would have thought that possible other than it was still May? It was a weekend to remember weather wise for sure. The weather was less than desirable all of last week and hopefully with the start of a new month things will change for the better. Like a number of people have asked, what happened to global warming? We are still extremely busy and a little behind with all of the weather issues but perservering to get all of the toys back to their home bases. I have to apologize to those that have had some issues with the site. Unfortunately, our server/host company had experienced an attack on their servers and contracted some viruses. These slipped through the cracks and caused some issues for some customers and ourselves. They have assured me they are tackling the problem and everything should be good soon!! It has been great to see so many people up braving the weather and bugs. Depending on where you are and the wind you don’t see many but others are really looking like well used pin cushions! The critters were out in full force late today and all types were in the hungry mode. We are hoping the weather person is right this week and we can finally enjoy some nice weather the rest of the week. Have a great week. Our hours for June remain 8-5 seven days a week!


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