May 25 Update

Finally, not too bad a weekend! The weather and the bugs didn’t mind co-operating for a change. Depending on the wind and where you were the weekend didn’t go too bad. Some were overwhelmed with bugs while others complained there was none to be seen! Sunday was definitely the day to be out enjoying the cottage! The picture to the right today is our newest part of the welcoming committee that everyone has been asking about. His name as most know now is Stormy. We have had the pleasure of enjoying this great fellow for almost three years now but have had to keep him in hiding because of his Lab tendencies to be a little playful! He weighs in at a modest 100 lbs. lately so we had to make sure he had calmed down a bit to be part of the team! He came to us through one of our more thoughtful customers that didn’t want to see him destroyed after he had been through a few homes before he was 10 months old.(unfortunately, those homes didn’t realize what a lab had for energy levels!!) He is a fixture now on the docks and store and only requires a pat on the head and a hello to become your friend forever!(biscuits he thinks add to the love and memory of who you are!! Don has been helping him remember people!!) We are still working around the clock to get all the toys in so please be patient and your treasure will be back on the dock soon. The time is required to ensure the treasure is parked beside the dock and not under it when you return to play with it for another great season on the lakes! Be back soon and hopefully the weather guy is wrong again this week so we can get alot more work done before the weekend!


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