May 13 Update

Busy, busy, busy!! Between the weather and huge amount of boats we are trying to get in to the water there is no sleeping lately. The weather has been co-operating a little but the little critters haven’t! They are in good numbers late in the day because of the temps at night. I think they are hibernating until about mid-day. The water level has come up again and I am sure with tonight’s forecast it will rise again. We are looking at a fairly wet day tomorrow and another on Saturday so it shall be interesting to say the least. With temps in the evenings around the freezing mark late in the weekend it reminds me of (hmmmmm, May!). We are trying to get all the toys in on time but needless to say weather is playing a huge part in the process so be patient. The toy will arrive when we can get it there. It is always interesting trying to slalom through the docks, picnic tables etc. floating down the lake on 3 foot swells some days to get the boat back safely to it’s home. We are looking forward to seeing everyone up enjoying what the weather does or doesn’t do this weekend so stop by and at least get out of the weather if necessary. Last word was the newspapers should be showing up again as of Saturday. We hope everyone has a great week, safe drive up and better weather than the guy in the sky is forecasting!


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